Sadhguru in Milan in front of 5000 in Allianz Cloud Arena

Sadhguru in Milan in front of 5000 in Allianz Cloud Arena

As I stepped into the Allianz Cloud Arena on October 1st, a wave of anticipation and positive energy enveloped me. Sadhguru, a beacon of spiritual wisdom, was about to host the event "Meet, Mingle, and Meditate" in Milan. The atmosphere was electric, with over 5000 like-minded souls from across Europe converging for a shared experience.

My perch in the upper ranks, front row, afforded a breathtaking view. As Sadhguru entered, the room erupted in applause, and I felt the undeniable magnetism of being in the presence of an enlightened being. "He is the real deal," I thought, watching him settle in the front row just before the stage.

The event unfolded with a heartfelt speech from one of Sadhguru's disciples and a captivating dance performance by his daughter Radhe and her team. Then, Sadhguru took center stage, perching on his familiar bench. What followed was a candid exploration of crucial topics—mental health, religion, spiritual practice, education, food, health, and historical events.

Sadhguru's no-nonsense approach emphasized the urgency for humanity to take charge of individual lives, a collective responsibility for the well-being of humanity. He criticized the antiquated education system, envisioning a future where knowledge chips render traditional education obsolete. A shift towards a meditation and attention-focused education system was advocated, with a tantalizing hint of a groundbreaking initiative in the works.

One topic that resonated deeply with me was the transformative power of Shambavi Mahamudra, a Kriya taught in Sadhguru's Inner Engineering Course. This ancient practice combines Yoga Asanas with Pranayama, promising bliss through consistent engagement. Sadhguru asked the crowd who had undergone the Inner Engineering Course, and nearly half raised their hands—an awe-inspiring display of unity in daily practice.

Having embraced Shambavi Mahamudra each morning for two months, my journey has been one of newfound lightness, improved well-being, and a general sense of peace. While the horizon holds the promise of bliss, the transformative path continues. If you're curious about diving into this practice, check out our selection for Yoga Blocks here.

Stay tuned for more updates on this transformative journey.

Best, Sebastian

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